External Hard Drive File Recovery Software

  • An advanced and highly-competent in recovering files from SATA, SAS, SCSI and other popular hard drive interfaces
  • Efficiently locate lost FAT, NTFS or HFS partitions/volumes within a short period of time
  • It provides an easy and safe way to recover files from portable HDD on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, macOS High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, etc.
  • Able to retrieve files from Iomega Desktop External hard drives, Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung, Sony, Hitachi external drives etc.
  • Fastest and smartest scanning engine, scan and recover files from a severely corrupted external hard drive

If you are the victim of data loss disaster then you don’t need to worry about it because you can retrieve your files with utmost ease by using the External Hard Drive File Recovery software.

But before taking any decision regarding using this software, you must be assured regarding the scenario responsible for this condition. In case of normal scenario, your file may get deleted if you accidentally press ‘delete’ button after you connect the external hard drive to your system. But in case if your external hard drive gets corrupted then your files becomes inaccessible and refuses to open. In such condition, you need to take the help of best and reliable third party external hard drive file recovery software.

Our External Hard Drive File Recovery tool is Faster, Smarter and Better. The reason behind this is that it has faster scanning engine which can unblock any blocked external hard drive and can efficiently recover files with utmost safety. It is smarter because it is robust software which does not write any new data to the same drive from where it is recovering the file. And it is better because it supports both Intel and Power PC Mac platforms. It can restore Western Digital External Hard drive files on Windows 7, Windows 8.x, Windows 10, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Additionally, it also supports all other popular brands of external hard drives.

With the help of external hard drives the user can transfer or keep a backup of all the important information that is present in the Mac system. During the process of transferring files from one system to other there may be file loss. With the help of this recovery tool, you can rescue external hard drive on Mac effectively.

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Common scenarios related to deletion or loss of files from an external hard drive

Scenarios Reason for Data Loss
Human errors Erasing files/folders by mistake
Accidentally formatting or re-formatting external hard drive
Using the Shift + Delete combination key on Windows OS
Loss of file due to BAD sectors Because of the scratches on Disk platter, bad sectors are formed in your external hard drive, due to which your files become inaccessible. You may lose your file, if you try to recover the files from these bad sectors.
Virus Attack Virus infections can also cause hard drive failure as it directly attacks the file system of the external hard drive. This leads to inaccessibility of the files. Your external hard drive will get freeze after the virus attack.
File loss due to MBR corruption Master Boot Record (MBR) helps in booting Windows operating system. Any corruption that takes place to MBR may result in a hard drive crash. Improper or abrupt ejection of the external hard drive from your system is the main reason behind this scenario.
Loss of data due to incomplete copy process You may lose your important files from your external hard drive if any kind of interruption takes place at the time of copying process. A power surge or improper shutdown of the laptop or the system is the major cause behind the occurrence of file loss due to incomplete copy process.
File system error can lead to the loss of file File system error occurs due to improper execution re-partitioning process. Due to this, the file system of external hard drive gets corrupted resulting in severe data loss.
Overwriting data on the external hard drive External hard drive helps to keep a backup of the files. Due to which, many users save a replica of the disk image of their hard drive on their external hard drive. However, if the user ends up saving a disk image twice on the external hard drive then the chances of overwriting of data on external HD gets increased due to which some of your files may get deleted or lost.

Popular and well-known brands of external hard drives supported by our software are:

  • Apricorn Aegis (Mini, Portable, Max)
  • Buffalo (MiniStation, Metro, Stealth)
  • Fujitsu, Hitachi (Touro Pro, LifeStudio)
  • Imation (Apollo Expert)
  • Iomega
  • Iosafe (Solo, SoloPro, Rugged Portable)
  • Kingston Wi-Drive Portable 32 GB Flash Drive
  • LaCie (Rugged USB, Rugged, LittleBig Disk, Starck, Rikiki, Quadra, Little Disk, Skwarim)
  • Maxtor
  • Quantum
  • Samsung (EcoGreen F4 HD204UI)
  • Seagate (FreeAgent, GoFlex, Replica)
  • Sony HD-EGG etc.
  • Toshiba 500GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard
  • Transcend
  • Western Digital (Elements, MyPassport, MyPassport Elite)

Besides these brands, there are many other brands of external hard drive which are supported by our External Hard Drive File Recovery Software.

Immediate precautions needed to be taken after your file gets deleted or lost are:

  • Avoid saving any new file to the affected external hard drive from where you have lost your data as this may overwrite the deleted or lost data leading to a permanent data loss
  • You need to download professional external hard drive file recovery tool which should be read-only and user-friendly. Before purchasing the full version, you must try the demo version of the software in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the software on the basis of the recovery results

Key features of this file recovery software related to both Windows and Mac OS are:

  • Quickly recover files from accidentally formatted, reformatted, corrupt external hard drive
  • Competently identify and recover various file types on the basis of their unique signatures
  • It can recover files lost during transfer from WD My Passport to your system or vice-versa
  • Retrieve data from the external hard drive on the specifications of file such as date, extension, size and file name
  • Supports restoration of files from the external hard drive on both Windows and Mac OS
  • Efficiently recover more than 300 file types with utmost ease and safety
  • Ability to recover files with ADS (Alternate Data Streams) attribute from an NTFS drive
  • Demo version of this software provides you the option to evaluate the effectiveness of this software on the basis of the recovery result
  • Restore Seagate Slim portable hard drive after IO error caused due to bad sectors or directory corruption and also supports the recovery of files from all popular brands of the external hard drive such as Western Digital, Seagate, Transcend, etc.
  • Facilitates you with preview option so that you can ensure the recovery of the correct file

Procedure to Recover Files from External Hard Drive:

Step 1:Download and install the free edition of External Hard Drive File Recovery Software on your system. Now plug the external hard drive to the computer. Now, launch the software, and choose Recover Partitions option from the main screen. Now click on the drive representing the external drive from the list of available drives, and hit Scan button.

External Hard Drive File Recovery - Main Window

Step 2: Now, the software starts scanning the drive to find deleted & lost files from the drive. The progress of the scan will be displayed on the screen.

External Hard Drive File Recovery - Recovery Mode Selection Window

Step 3: Upon the completion of scanning & recovery process, a list of recovered files are displayed on the screen. You can view recovered files in File Type View, and Data View

External Hard Drive File Recovery - Drive Selection Window

Step 4: Before saving the recovered files, you can preview each of the recovered file to ensure that the software has recovered your files. Just double-click on the respective file, or right-click on the file, and click Preview option to preview the file.

External Hard Drive File Recovery - Preview Window

Step 5: At last, if you are satisfied with the recovery results of the software, then activate the license key, and save the recovered files at the desired location of your choice.

External Hard Drive File Recovery - Preview Window

Useful tips to prevent loss of files from an external hard drive in future are:

  • Avoid formatting of external hard drives in order to protect your valuable data from getting deleted
  • Try to avoid transferring of files from external hard drive to your system if your system is getting turn off on a continuous basis due to power fluctuation
  • Use updated and professional anti-virus program in order to keep your system virus free
  • Do not try to recover files from bad sectors as it creates more bad sectors resulting in permanent loss of files
  • Avoid using a combination of Shift+Delete button in order to protect the file from getting deleted permanently
  • Do not overwrite any new data to the affected drive as it reduces the chances of recovery

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