Recover deleted or lost files from Iomega desktop external hard drive?


The scariest thing about the data disaster is losing all the valuable photos and work reports on which you had spent a lot of time. If you don’t have a backup of those digital photographs or documents then you could lose several years worth of photos or documents when anything wrong happens to your hard drive. Therefore, to avoid such a loss, generally you prefer to use external hard drives to maintain a backup of entire precious data. Iomega Desktop external hard drives are one of the popular hard drive brands that offer great storage capacity. It is convenient and handy to use. But, external hard drives are also not safe from human errors like accidental deletion or formatting of the drive.

What if you accidentally delete the wrong folder from your external hard drive? All data stored in that folder gets completely deleted. Or else, you might have accidentally formatted the entire drive instead of performing some other operation. Even though, formatting is essential to maintain the system performance and to get rid of harmful viruses, it is a destructive process. This is because, it deletes each and every file during the format process and creates the new file system to store new files. There are some other common reasons which ruin your external hard drive resulting in loss of valuable data.

File System Corruption: External hard drives also use a file system to organize and maintain the data like internal hard drives. It stores allocation information of each and every file stored on your external hard drive. If this file system gets corrupted due to virus or malware attacks or due to some other unpredictable reasons then your files become inaccessible. This is because, the file system contains corrupted information as a result of that the file system is not able to convey the correct information whenever the user needs. The corrupted file system causes the external drive to be corrupted. In such situations, file recovery from corrupted external hard drive is possible using external hard drive file recovery software.

Data loss during transfer process: As external hard drives are portable, they are used to transfer huge amount of data from one system to another system. If you intentionally like system shut down or unintentionally (Sudden power failure) interrupt the data transfer process then you may end up in data loss.

Format Error: Sometimes, when you try to access data from Iomega desktop external hard drive, you will get a strange error like “The disk in drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?”. This error message indicates that either the drive is not properly formatted or it is corrupted due to some reasons and asking you to format it to resolve the issue. If you format the drive then surely you will lose the data as the formatting process deletes all data from your external drive. If you don’t format your drive then you cannot access the data from that drive.

So, what you should do now??? It is recommended that avoid formatting or performing any operation over the drive to avoid permanent data loss. This is because, when you delete or lose any data due to any reason, it is not permanently removed. Instead, only the allocation information of deleted data is removed, actual data remains intact. Therefore, if you save or copy any data then the old data gets overwritten by new data resulting in permanent data loss. Don't Worry!, you can restore photos from external hard drive including all other files with the help of external hard drive recovery software.

External hard drive recovery software is one of the best data recovery software that you can use  to recover lost or deleted  data from external drives. This software has the ability to undelete each and every file lost due to any severe corruption issues. External hard drives are sensitive data storage devices which crash if used improperly, in such cases you lose access to all the data stored on the device. To surpass such scenario you can use this tool and restore data from crashed external hard drive.

It can also retrieve files from accidentally formatted or reformatted Iomega desktop external hard drives. It can also restore portable hard drive data on Win XP, Win Vista and Win 7 Operating System. Additionally, it can also restore data lost or deleted from laptop hard drives. As external hard drives are use to transfer data from one computer to another, there are chances of losing data if any interruption occurs during the data transfer process. If you have lost the data while trasnferring it from any WD external drive to your system then use this software to retrieve WD My Passport data lost due to interrupted transfer process.

Steps to recover files from Iomega Desktop External hard drives

Step 1: First you need to download and launch External hard drive recovery tool to perform file recovery on external drive. As you launch the application, a main window appears, Select “Recover Files” option from the main screen and then select “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” option from the next screen.

External Hard Drive File Recovery - Main Window

Step 2: Select Iomega Desktop External hard drive and then click on “Next” option to start the recovery process.

External Hard Drive File Recovery - Drive Selection Window

Step 3: After finishing the recovery process, view files recovered from the Iomega Desktop External hard drive.

External Hard Drive File Recovery - Preview Window

Valuable Tips:

  • Always recheck the drive before deleting or formatting it to ensure that it does not have important data, which you need
  • Make use of effective antivirus program and try to update it regularly
  • Use UPS to avoid sudden power failures or fluctuation in voltage

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