How to Restore Data from Seagate Slim External Hard Drive after I/O Error?

Some of the data on your computer like photos can't be simply recreated if you lose them. Other data like reports, spreadsheets etc. are difficult, expensive or time consuming to recreate. Losing the data should be the thing you worry most about when it comes to your Mac Operating System. Seagate Slim is a Portable hard drive that has been specially designed for the Mac users who want to carry lots of media but don’t have a high capacity storage device. You can load up the drive with your entire movie collections, memorable photos, important documents related to business and you can also connect your iPad to Wi-Fi network.

Even though you have taken a backup of important files and keep your backup drive error free, that does not essentially mean that they are completely protected. What if you get an error like “Volume is not accessible. The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error”, “Drive not formatted error” or “Kernel [0]: disk0s2: I/O error” etc. on Seagate Slim portable hard drive where the backup copy is stored??? This error appears to be so frustrating!!! When you check the properties of that drive, it shows 0GB free and 0GB used. Now, you must be thinking about the reason behind the occurrence of such errors??? There are many reasons for the occurrence of I/O error on the Seagate portable hard drive.

Bad sectors: Bad sectors are the unreadable or unusable sectors of hard drive where you cannot store the data. These bad sectors make the data which is located in further sectors inaccessible. Bad Sectors are caused due to both logical and physical reasons. If bad sectors are the results of intense read or write operations, virus attacks or power surges then it is possible to recover data using data recovery software

Loose connection of cables: If the external Seagate Slim hard drive is not connected properly then also you may get IO error. In such case, you just need to check the connection. If the connection is improper then connect it properly using USB cable and try to access the data.

Directory structure corruption: File system or directory structure corruption is mainly due to abrupt system shutdown, improper system shut down or virus attacks. If the directory structure contains incorrect information due to freezes, power outages or forced reboots then you may get this error. As a program makes changes to a file in memory the changes normally are saved often but not immediately. If the Mac is not properly turned off then it checks the directory structure of the boot volume when it starts up. If the directory structure is damaged then it does not allow you to access the content of hard drive resulting in error messages.

As soon as you realize that you lost the data stop using that drive. This is mainly to avoid permanent data loss. Using the hard drive from which you lost the data reduces the data recovery chances. Therefore, do not perform any operation on the hard drive. Also, do not turn off and turn on the Mac system regularly as it may create the temporary files that may overwrite the lost data. If you follow these precautionary measures, then there is no doubt to recover files from hard drive.

Free External Hard Drive File Recovery Tool to Restore Seagate Slim Hard Drive after I/O Error

External Hard Drive Recovery Software is one of the best data recovery software that can recover lost data from portable hard drives. It can retrieve various types of files by performing signature search during the recovery process. If you have lost or deleted files from some other brands of external hard drive like Western Digital on Windows OS then make use of this software. It can easily retrieve files from WD external drive on Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. It can also restore data from formatted or reformatted Seagate Slim external hard drive easily. It supports the latest version of Mac Operating System like the Snow Leopard, Lion and Leopard. In addition to Seagate External hard drives, it also has the ability to recover files from Iomega Desktop External HDD, Western Digital, Samsung portable hard drives, Hitachi, HP hard drives etc.

Steps to retrieve data from Seagate Slim Portable Hard drive after I/o error

Step 1: Download and launch External hard drive recovery software to restore lost files from external drive. Select “Recover Volumes/Drives” option from the main screen and then select “Volume Recovery” option from the next screen.

External Hard Drive File Recovery - Main Window

Step 2: Now, select Seagate Slim Portable hard drive and then click on “Next” option to start the recovery process.

External Hard Drive File Recovery - Drive Selection Window

Step 3: After successfully completing the recovery process, view recovered data using “Preview” option.

External Hard Drive File Recovery - Preview Window

How to avoid data loss in the future?

  • Always keep extra backup copies of important data and check it regularly to make sure that they are working
  • Use updated antivirus program to avoid data loss due to virus attacks
  • Disconnect the external hard drive using “Eject” option

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users