How to Recover Files Lost During Transfer from WD My Passport External Hard Drive

Have you lost files while transferring from WD My Passport External hard drive?

If you are a regular computer user then you know that the in-built hard drive is inadequate to store large amount of files. As a result, you must be thinking to use external hard drives to store and backup your essential data. External hard drives are available in different brands. Among all brands of external hard drives, Western Digital My Passport external hard drive. This drive can be directly powered from USB port to your computer that reduces the extra usage of separate power supply. You can also protect your data from unauthorized users by using password protection and hardware encryption feature of WD My Passport hard drive. If you want to transfer large amount of data from one computer to another computer then these external hard drives are more useful. This is because, these drives can be easily moved from one computer to another. In addition to that, these external drives are equally prone to data loss problems. With the help of this external hard drive file recovery software you can recover external drive manufactured by different company like Seagate, Toshiba, etc.

If you have larger files such as digital photos, audios or video songs that are consuming more storage space on your hard drive and are not needed on a regular basis then generally you move those files to external hard drive. To transfer files manually, you will generally use copy and paste or cut and paste commands provided by file management preferences. If you are using copy and paste commands to transfer the files then the chances of data loss will be rare. If you are using cut and paste commands to transfer large files then there are chances of data loss. So, be careful while moving large amount of data from your computer to external hard drives using cut and paste commands.

Any interruption while moving or transferring data from your system to WD My Passport external hard drive may end up in data loss. This is because, When you use cut command over the file then that file is removed from that location and get copied to another location when you use the paste command. If any interruption occurs between the cut and paste process then you will lose the file that has been removed from its location. If the interruption is due to abrupt ejection of the external drive then there are chances of external hard drive getting corrupted. If the drive is corrupted then you can retrieve files from corrupted external hard drive using external drive file recovery software. This tools has powerful scanning algorithms that can even recover data from different branded external hard drive such as Western Digital (WD), Iomega, Toshiba, Samsung, Buffalo and more. If you want to recover data from buffalo external hard drive within couple of minutes the, this tool will be the perfect solution. There are some common reasons which may result in data loss during the transfer process.

Sudden power failure while moving the files: If sudden power failures occur due to which your system get turned off suddenly during data transfer then you may lose the files.

Accidental system shutdown while moving the data: If you accidentally turn off your system when the transfer process is in progress then also you may lose or some or all your data. The files that are moved before the interruption are successfully copied to external hard drive but, you may lose the files that are still in the process.

Abrupt or accidental removal of external hard drive during transfer process: If you accidentally remove external hard drive while moving files from PC to external hard drive or vice versa then you may end up in data loss.  Sometimes, the file system of your external hard drive gets corrupted due to abrupt removal of external drive. If the file system gets corrupted then all your data becomes inaccessible resulting in data loss.

No need to worry, as here is a best solution to get back all your lost data from external hard drives i.e. External Hard Drive Recovery Software. This software has designed with advanced and powerful algorithms and scanning engines which helps in restoring lost data by rigorously performing the external hard drive. It can retrieve various types of files like photos, songs, videos, reports, documents etc. from WD My Passport External hard drive. File recovery from Western Digital portable drive on Win 7, Windows Vista and Win XP is also possible by this professional external hard drive recovery software. Additionally, it also supports different brands of external hard drives like if you are encountering IO errors on Seagate Slim hard drives then you can use this software. It can easily and quickly recover data from Seagate Slim portable drive after IO error. Even if you have formatted your external HDD, it helps to recover files from formatted drive in few clicks.

Guidelines to Recover Files from WD My Passport Hard Drive:

Step 1:Download and install the free edition of External Hard Drive File Recovery Software on your system. Now plug the WD Passport external hard drive to the computer. Now, launch the software, and choose Recover Partitions option from the main screen. Now click on the drive representing the external drive from the list of available drives, and hit Scan button.

Recover Files Lost During Transfer from WD My Passport Hard Drive - Main Window

Step 2: Now, the software starts scanning the drive to find deleted & lost files from the drive. The progress of the scan will be displayed on the screen.

Recover Files Lost During Transfer from WD My Passport Hard Drive - Recovery Mode Selection Window

Step 3: Upon the completion of scanning & recovery process, a list of recovered files are displayed on the screen. You can view recovered files in File Type View, and Data View

Recover Files Lost During Transfer from WD My Passport Hard Drive - Drive Selection Window

Step 4: Before saving the recovered files, you can preview each of the recovered file to ensure that the software has recovered your files. Just double-click on the respective file, or right-click on the file, and click Preview option to preview the file.

Recover Files Lost During Transfer from WD My Passport Hard Drive - Preview Window

Step 5: At last, if you are satisfied with the recovery results of the software, then activate the license key, and save the recovered files at the desired location of your choice.

Recover Files Lost During Transfer from WD My Passport Hard Drive - Preview Window

Better safe than Sorry!!!!

It is always desirable to be careful while deleting bunch of files or formatting the external hard drives. Recheck the drive before formatting it to make sure that it does not contain any important files. In order to avoid interruption during data transfer due to abrupt system shut down or power failure problems, use UPS. Once your done with data transfer process, use "Safely Remove Hardware" icon to disocnnect the drive properly.

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