Recover Files from Formatted Drive

Do you want to recover files from formatted drive? Here is the best recovery software named external hard drive file recovery software which enables you to recover files from formatted drive. Software recovers more than 300 file types including video, pictures, documents, music etc. This software is not only applicable for formatted drive data recovery even it recovers of data from different storage devices which is lost due to any data loss scenarios. It supports recovery of data from FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5 and ExFAT partitions or volumes from different hard drive types including SCSI, IDE and SATA. And it enables you to recover data from memory card, USB drives, external hard drives, iPod etc. Tool provides easy and fastest way to recover files from portable HDD on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. And it is enriched with graphical user interface which helps user to do fastest data recovery on formatted drives. Apart from this, this tool prove to be very efficient to recover data from other branded external HDD such as Buffalo, Western Digital (WD), Toshiba, Iomega, LaCie and more. If you want to know how to recover data from Buffalo external hard drive then, refer this link:

Reasons behind loss of files from drives:

  • Virus attacks: Virus is easily transferable program from one system to another and it may make drives inaccessible, then user needs to format it to store fresh copy of data which results in loss of old stored data files on that drive.
  • Bad sectors: Formation of bad sectors on hard disk which deletes operating system files and it makes fails to recognize hard drive.
  • Human errors: Sometimes you may delete system files accidentally instead of deleting other files which results in OS error.
  • Defragmentation failure: There might be chances of losing files from defragmentation process after defragment tool fails to complete it.
  • Third party utility: Some third party utility like antivirus which deletes virus infected files while scanning.

However, you lose files from storage devices like hard drives, memory cards, USB drives etc. those files can be easily recovered by using external hard drive file recovery software. Tool has efficiency to retrieve files from Iomega desktop external hard drives, Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi external drives, Samsung etc. It uses the best built in algorithms which helps in scanning formatted drives completely to restore files easily. Tool facilitates easy way to restore Seagate slim portable hard drive after IO error caused after formation of bad sectors or directory corruption on hard disk.

Most user format existed drives to have more drives in hard disk without taking backup of data which results in data loss. This type of data file loss can be recovered by external hard drive file recovery software. This software performs file recovery after accidentally format of USB drive. It has ability of restoring lost PST files after OS corruption on Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Windows 7. Picture files lost after accidental formation of flash drive also easily recovered by this software. You can also undelete FAT32 files from external hard drive or any other storage media using external hard drive file recovery software. You can visit here to know more regarding how to undelete FAT32 files.

There may be chances of losing OS files if you interrupt installation process while reformatting without replacing existing files on OS which can be recovered by external hard drive file recovery tool. If any user wants to recover photos from external hard drive after formatting drives then use this software to restore all lost files easily and effectively. Demo version of this software is available in websites. By using this, you can evaluate efficiency of this software. Saving option of recovered files is not available in demo version. In order to save, purchase license key of this software and enjoy it by recovering your crucial lost files.

You may have come to know that the data can be easily recovered from any HDD with the help of this application. Hitachi is a most widely used hard disk drive on desktop and laptop computers. Also, there are exist more chances of data loss from this drive. So, in such data loss situations, you can use this tool to effectively recover files from Hitachi hard drive of various types such as SATA, SCSI and IDE.

Steps to recover files from formatted drive:

Step 1: Download External Hard Drive File Recovery software and install on PC successfully. After double clicking on software, main screen appears with three options. In that you select "Recover Files" option.

Recover Files from Formatted Drive - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Choose formatted drive from where you want to recover files and click on "Next" button to initialize scanning process as shown in figure 2.

Recover Files from Formatted Drive - Choose Hard Drive

Figure 2: Choose Hard Drive

Step 3: After completion of scanning process, you can see recovered files by clicking on Preview button on screen. Save recovery process to ignore rescanning of formatted drive after purchasing license key.

Recover Files from Formatted Drive - Recovered Data

Figure 3: Recoverd Data

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