How To Retrieve Lost Data From External Hard Drive?

You can use external hard drive to keep backup of important documents for a long time. But after few days, it may get corrupt and you might be needed to format it. When you plug in your external hard drive, you may get format error and because of this you might be unable to access any data from this drive. However, formatting of an external hard drive will erase all data within a few seconds. Therefore, you may be looking to access external hard drive without formatting since you might have important documents on this drive. This problem can be solved, using a external hard drive file recovery software.

Most of the time, power loss may results into the corrupted hard drive when it is connected to your system. You might be connected external drive to your system but the data was not transferring. When you encounter this situation, you might be trying to access data from this removable drive but it may tells you that the drive is not formatted and you should format before you can use it. Perhaps you have stored lot of important files on this storage device. Hence you may look at the way to get data back from the drive without formatting. Then you can find external hard drive recovery tool to restore all lost data.

There are lot of scenarios where your external hard drive will get corrupt and then you may get format error. A few of them are explained below.

Improper Ejection: Sometimes, you may want to transfer data from external hard drive to the system or vice – versa and for that the drive may be connected to the PC. Consider you have finished transfer of photos, videos, documents, etc to the computer hard drive. However, after completing data transfer, you may be forgot to remove external drive, using a safely remove option. Under this situation, your external storage device will become as inaccessible. You can also visit to recover files that are lost during transferring files from WD my passport hard drive to your computer.

File System Corruption: Usually every storage device will have a file system, such as FAT, NTFS, HFS, etc. When your external hard drive file system gets corrupted due to power surge, virus attack, etc then you may not be able to access the drive, without formatting.

Like this there are lots of situations because of which you will get hard drive format error. No matter whether your external hard drive is corrupted or formatted, you can access all files from it, using reliable, effective and trustworthy external hard drive file recovery software. To recover data from formatted external hard drive, you can visit the professional data recovery website. Your external hard drive can be formatted with NTFS, FAT, HFS file systems. These file systems can improve efficiency of your external hard drive. NTFS features are more technologically advanced than FAT and HFS. Using this software, you can perform NTFS external hard drive recovery and also recover files from external hard drive which is formatted with HFS and FAT file systems.

This software is designed especially to retrieve data from the inaccessible storage devices including external hard drives. You can recover data from several removable drives like flash memory cards, USB drives, etc. It can also help you to retrieve data from the corrupted partition or volume, damaged pen drives, deleted partition, etc. To access lost data, first it will scan your drive deeply using inbuilt scanning algorithm. Once the drive scanning is completed, you can obtain all recovered files and save them easily.

You can restore lost data from external hard drives of various brands like WD, Transcend, Hitachi, etc. very easily using the tool. Hitachi is a prominent external as well as internal hard drive manufacturer. You can effectively recover files from Hitachi hard drive with the help of this tool.

Steps to access external hard drive data, using recovery software

Step1: First connect your external hard drive to the system where the recovery software is installed. Then select “Recover Partitions / Drives” option from the main page of the software as shown in Fig A.

Access External Hard Drive Without Formatting - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Page

Step2: In the next Window, your external hard will be displayed and you need to select it. After that click on “Next” option to access all data from the selected drive as shown in Fig B.

Access External Hard Drive Without Formatting - Select Hard Drive

Figure B: Select External Hard Drive

Step3: Finally all data from your external hard drive will be displayed on the screen and you can view these files using “File Type View” option as shown in Fig C. The save function can be accessible in the licensed version of this software.

Access External Hard Drive Without Formatting - Recovered Data

Figure C: Recovered Data


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