Recover Files From External Hard Drive on Mac

External hard drives are storage media that store huge amount of information in them. These are most widely used for backing up of important files that are required at later stage. This certainly brings much convenience to the user as the information can be accessed as and when desire. External hard drives are nowadays easily available and can store very large amount of information in them. Imagine that your working all day long by sitting in front of the system, at a point of time you need to access certain files that are present in the external hard drive. You connect the drive and try to access it but nothing happens. Your hard drive is not working and the entire data that was stored in it is gone for good. Relax!! There are some reasons that cause loss of data from the external hard drive. No need to panic, the files and entire set of documents that were stored in the external hard drive can be recovered in less span of time using the services of external hard drive file recovery application. It also allow you to recover data from inaccessible external hard drive in an efficient way. For more detail, visit:

Reasons for loss of data from external hard drive:

  • Trojan Infection: Trojan is the most power virus program that gets into the system if it is used over network. This malware enters the external hard drive when connected to the system in which the user installs certain unwanted programs from internet. Once in the system, this malware deletes all the header information of the files and hence causes huge loss of information. Proper antivirus application should be installed in the system to prevent data loss as result of virus infection.

  • Abrupt Removal of the Drive: Removing the external hard drive which is connected to the USB interface of the Mac Operating System improperly causes loss of data. Unintentionally removing the external hard drive while the transfer of files is taking place also leads to loss of data from the drive.

  • Improper Shut Down: Improper shut down of the Mac OS while the external hard drive is connected to the system may lead to loss of some of the important files if the file is open at that time. Proper procedure should be followed to shut the system .i.e. the external hard drive should be safely removed first before performing the shut down operation.

External HDD File recovery application was developed with the help of highly trained software professionals to restore almost all types of files from external hard drive which is connected to Mac Operating System. The files which are retrieved from the scanning process are listed on the basis of file names, size of the files, date of creation of the file and various types of signatures that are present with each file. Deep scanning engines have been loaded in to this recovery tool so that it can effectively rescue files from external hard drive Mac, in which different file systems are present like HFS+ and HFSX. The data which is restored can be previewed prior to saving the file and using the unique feature of this application the user can view the data in Mac Finder Styled interface. “Save Recovery Session” is also one of the important options which are present in this application which helps the user to save the scanning process at any point of time and resume it at later stage. We need not scan the entire drive again but just select the saved recovery session file and resume it from where it had been stopped.

There are various scenarois that cause loss of files from the external hard drive. One among them is formatting the hard drive. While installing the Operating System the user may accidentally select the wrong drive and click on the format button which cleans all the files from the system. Hence to over come this file loss click on the link provided which helps you to recover those files that are lost as result of formatting.

A corrupt drive also causes loss of files from the external hard drive. The drive gets corrupted as a result of sudden system shut down when the external hard drive is connected to the computer. The external drive also gets corrupted when its abruptly removed from the port during the transfer of files from hard drive to system or vice versa. To know how to recover files from the corrupted hard drive go to this page

The drive turns bad as result of virus infection. When files from infected hard drive in put in the external hard drive it becomes in accessible. All the data present in it is gone. Hence care should be taken that user uses proper antivirus protection to avoid virus infection. Need not worry you can recover data from bad hard drive with the help of the application.

Follow the procedure to rescue external hard drive data from Mac:

Step1: Run the application after the completion of the installation process. Use the “Recover Files” option from the main screen to recover data from Mac drive.

Rescue Files from External Hard Drive Mac - Main Screen

Step2:Recover Deleted Files” and “Recover Lost Files” are the options that are provided to the user. Click the appropriate one and select the external hard drive to proceed to the next step.

Rescue Files from External Hard Drive Mac - Select Drive To Recover Files

Step3: Once the scanning is completed the files are restored and can be saved to a safer location as desired by the user.

Rescue Files from External Hard Drive Mac - Preview Recovered Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
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